GIS in Ag-Essentials and Applications

This course is archived. Certificates will not be issued for this course.

Course Description

Land, water, soil and natural environment have been impacted while maintaining crop production. Decision making in agriculture is based on indiscrete, static, and sporadic information. The geographically integrated information is not effectively used. Climate change could alter the land-water-agriculture practices on a large scale. It is imperative to use the geographically referenced present and historical (space and time) information for decision making process in agriculture. This course offers an overview of GIS and agriculture applications. You can also understand geospatial information made available by many agencies and individuals, and can start knowledge based smart agriculture practices.

Course Content

  • Agriculture practices & use of GIS for course correction
  • Integration of agriculture related information - Geographical Information system
  • Weather Cloud reading & rainfall analysis in irrigation schedule
  • GIS in estimation of water availability for effective planning
  • Implications of Water availability - deficit on agriculture
  • Drought vulnerability assessment & short & long term developments
  • Village / Land information system
  • Sustainable resources management and agriculture


Outcomes of this Course

  • Traditional information in agriculture practices
  • Creation of georeferenced information base from existing data sets using GIS systems
  • Understanding of rainfall potential clouds in decision making for irrigation
  • Water demand assessment and deficit
  • Drought vulnerability and risk assessment – meteorological, hydrological, agricultural
  • Village level information system and utility – natural resources / socio-economic aspects
  • Sustainable village resources management
  • How do digitize paper maps in GIS
  • Applications of water use, drought, sustainable village resources management.


Qualifying students will be given certificates based on their involvement and performance. Participation certificate and Competency certificate will be issued by Center for Development of Technical Education, IIT Kanpur and Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Canada.