How it Works

Most of the MOOCs offered are of 6-8 weeks duration. Each of these MOOCs is delivered in form of short lectures of 10 to 20 minutes. As the course starts, 4-6 lectures are released per week in form of streaming videos. PowerPoint slides and demonstrations are also included, wherever required. The MOOC platform being highly interactive allows learners to pose queries to the course faculty and to other participants. On occasions, the course faculty also organizes online chat sessions. The agMOOCs team is making efforts to help learners integrate their regular online social presence in the MOOC platform.

Learners are expected to participate in some of the quizzes and tests that are conducted periodically. Such participation in online discussions and forums is tracked for every individual learner and the combined score for eligibility includes quantitative evaluation of such participation.  

Who should attend these MOOCs?
These MOOCs will be particularly useful to:

  • Students in State Agricultural Universities.
  • Faculty in SAUs who are interested in continuing professional development.
  • Subject Matter Specialists in extension services.
  • Researchers who wish to explore additional topics of interest.
  • Professionals in rural development sector.
  • Professionals in private sector organizations serving farmers.

Offered free of any tuition costs and fees.

Participation and Competency certificates will be issued by the Centre for Development of Technical Education, IIT Kanpur to qualifying students based on their involvement and performance.