AG191B: e-Extension

This course is archived. Certificates will not be issued for this course.

Course Description

Information and communication technologies have revolutionized the process of communication. Extension Education and Extension Service activities are largely involved in the dissemination of innovations among various stakeholders. Changing climate and other natural factors, widening extension worker to farmer ratio, farmers demand for specialized information services, etc. force the adoption of e-Mediated extension services. Since the beginning of ICT revolutions, experiments are being conducted to exploit the potentials and make its effective utilization in extension service mechanism. As a student of agriculture and allied sciences or as an extension professional it is essential to know the historical aspects of e-Extension, how the journey was made to arrive at the current status. Understanding the favourable as well as limiting conditions to exploit the potentials of ICTs for extension services are also essential for stakeholders. How education and extension services can be extended beyond the limits of four walls and in such exercises how information technology can act as a tool are the key issues. Development of appropriate content suitable for the specific stakeholder is the challenge for the agricultural researchers and extension service providers. Extension educationists are creating such platforms wherein professionals can come together and using IT tools provide e-Extension services to the communities.

Course Content

  • Basics of Communication and ICT
  • Journey of ICT applications in extension service
  • Concepts for better understanding and making e-Extension practical
  • Means of achieving e-Extension
  • Practical application of e-Extension
  • e-Extension initiatives of institutions

Course Audience

  • UG and PG students of Agriculture and Allied Sciences
  • Faculty of Agriculture Universities
  • Agriculture Scientists in ICAR
  • Professionals in State and Central Departments of Agriculture
  • Specialists working in KVKs
  • NGOs in Agriculture
  • Progressive farmers/ Farming community

Outcomes of this Course

  • Pluralism in agricultural extension
  • Market-led extension
  • e-Readiness
  • AI in agriculture
  • MOOCs for Agriculture
  • National Agriculture Market


Qualifying students will be given certificates based on their involvement and performance. Participation certificate and Competency certificate will be issued by the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE), IIT Kanpur, India and Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Canada.